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Managing Trustee
About Shri Chandran , Managing Trustee of the Trust
Shri. Chandran s/o Ganapadigal, along with his uncle Shri Swamimalai Jayarama Ganapadigal had been to Kanchipuram and had darshan of Mahaperiyaval to convey his father’s attainment of moksha. Mahaperiyaval indicated that Shri Subramanya Ganapadigal attained moksha and that his good deeds should be continued for years to come. He asked Shri Chandran to follow his father’s path and organize the next year parayanam (1987) at the newly built Shri Kanchi Mutt at Tirupathi.
Shri R. Kuppuswami, Advocate,Mylapore  who has all along been the pillar of strength to the Sabha as sabha President, has been a guiding light since then and has greatly supported the Sabha activities in many aspects. His support especially for the Golden Jubilee year 1988 is memorable and requires special mention.
According to the desire of Paramacharya, the vedaparayanam for the year 1987 was conducted at Shri Kanchi Mutt, Tirupathi, where hundreds of vedic scholars chanted veda with thousands of devotees participating. From then on Shri Chandran is conducting vedaparayanam at different kshethras all over India. Since 1987 and for 28 years he has untiringly and enthusiastically, through Tiruvengadu Subramanya Ganapadigal Vedaparayana (TSGV) Sabha organized vedaparayanam, maharudhram, yagnas and upanyasams, with the blessing of his father and also with blessings of Shri Krishna Premi Swamigal (Shri Anna), disciple of  Mahaperiyaval ‘Sidda Purushar’ Shri Kamakshi Swamigal, Shri Muralidhara Swamigal and Vedic Pandits.
The annual event includes 11 days of Chathur Veda Parayanam rendered by hundreds of vedic scholars, maharudham japam and homam, special homams, upanyasams by Mahans etc. The event is conducted in a very grand manner with thousands of devotees participating daily. The Trust also takes enormous care in providing annadhanam for all the participants and devotees.
The dedication and effort of Shri Chandran has earned him honours/ titles as Veda Kaingarya Mani, Dharmaputhran, Veda Kaingarya Siromani, Bharathi Puraskar, Veda Saarathi and Veda Parayana Jyothir.
Awards to Shri.S.Chandran
Given by
Award - Title
Shri Balasubramanyam , Thiruvarur Senior Advocate and Brahmana Samoogam President
Veda Kaingaryamani
Mahatma Paranur Shri Shri Krishna Premi Swamigal ‘Shri Anna ‘ Avl.
Madurai Om Mission- represented by Swami Sivanandha Sundaranandha Saraswathi and Shri M. Viswanathan (Brother of Shri Kanchi Swamigal), Editor Amara Bharathi Chennai
Veda Kaingarya Sironmani
Poet Nellai Balu of Madurai Bharathi Yuva kendra.
Bharathi Puraskar
Pujyashri Kamakshi Swamigal Trust Chennai
Veda Sarathi
Thivadudurai Aadhinam Seervalarseer SivaPrakasa Desika Paramacharya Swamigal
Vedaparayana Jothir
Guru alias Dhakshinamurthy Sivacharya , Seceratary Brahmashri Thiruvengadu Shri Brahma Vidyambal Deiviga Arutperavai
Indran Swamigal
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