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Trustees - TSGV
Formation of TSGV Religious Trust and its objectives
To give adequate focus and rigor in conducting the religious activities the TSGV Sabha was changed into TSGV Religious Trust with inclusion of Trustees and Coordinators.
The objectives of the Trust are as follows
To conduct all types of Hindu religious activities including vedic chanting and propagating the importance of preserving the hindu religion and culture
To conduct programs and organizing homams, poojas, parayanam, discourses, bhajans etc. and distributions of prasadams
To pay necessary honorariums/ sambhavanas and institute scholarship/ mementos to scholars and students, thereby improving the vedic educational system
To meet medical expenses of the needy pundits/ scholars and students
To provide for annadhanam to the poor and needy
To publish/ print books/ pamphlets in support and propagation of above activities of the trust
The entire activities of the trust are undertaken with the generous contributions of the public, who are desirous to participate in the religious activities conducted with the aim of promoting world peace. We humbly request those who wish to contribute in any manner to reach to the Trust contacts.
Names of Trustees in TSGV Religious Trust
S. Chandran – Managing Trustee (son of Bhramashri Subramanya Ganapadigal)
R. Kuppusamy, Advocate Mylapore
G. Vedagiri Retd. SBI Mylapore
S. Sundaresan Kotturpuram
S. Shankheran, Adambakkam
K. Sriram, Adyar
C. Shivakumar, Coimbatore
V. Ramanathan, Retd Secretariat, Adambakkam
V. Balasubramanian, Nanganallur
Donations may be sent by Cheque/DD in favour of "TSGVR TRUST"
Those who require IT exemption under 80G may send the Cheque/DD in favour of "TSGV TRUST"
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